Aleksander was born September 18, 1985, in a town called Porsgrunn in
Norway. He grew up in Skien, the birth town of the famous playwright
Henrik Ibsen. At the age of 10 he joined the lfocal children's theatre.
After 6 years in the children's theatre he decided to quit as he started
taking drama in high school
January 2006 he started at the 1-year acting for film program at New
York Film Academy in Los Angeles.
Shortly after his return to Norway Aleksander joined a local theatre group and
performed a play called "Rat in the Attic", on several stages.
Aleksander studied Film and TV-production for a year in Oslo, but then
went back to pursue the passion for acting and started working in Kast
Masken. There he was touring Norway, acting in a play and teaching
 teenagers about alcohol and the importance of making choices. During
the year in Kast Masken he performed about 130 shows of a play called
"In the ditch".
In December 2009 he moved to Oslo and has since been working towards
 bigger roles in TV/Film and voiceovers.